Natural Blanket

— High maintenance comes with age?

I hadn’t been able to sleep for two months. The extra blankets at my parents house are all made from polyester. I tried at least 4 different blankets of varying weights.

Each night I’d feel fine going to bed. Perfect temperature. At 4:30 am I’d wake up sweating.

For a few nights, I slept with just a sheet. But then I’d wake up even earlier because I’d feel cold. By adding another blanket, I’d go back to sleep and resume my path towards a 4:30 wakeup.

Why has it become so hard to get a full night’s rest?

The same thing happens at hotels. Most hotels, even expensive ones, have comforters made from polyester. I can never get a good night’s sleep feeling trapped under a sheet of polyester plastic.

I finally purchased a cotton comforter and for the first night, I didn’t wake up at 4:30 sweating.

Why did it take me two months to figure out? And why have I lost my ability to sleep under polyester blankets?

Anyone else becoming high maintenance with age?



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