My Cause

— get comfortable, stay at home

If there was a movement I could get behind, it’d be to get people to work from home and to encourage homemaking.

Putting up a tv, setting up internet, and all ‘manly’ reason’s you’d visit Home Depot–that’s homemaking. It’s not just cooking and cleaning, fifties housewife activity.

Of course there are plenty already making homes. There’s no where to park at Home Depot on the weekends despite their enormous lot.

I have seen only one home in my life. A friend’s aunt in Milwaukee, Wisconsin had a real home. I remember stepping into it. I couldn’t place why I felt so comfortable.

Maybe it’s because I’m not friends with homemakers, but it seems uncommon to find a place where someone has invested exorbitant consideration into the arrangement of their place. Maybe a lot of time needs to be spent in a home to understand how a space can be arranged.

One type of homemaking that’s promoted is decorating. ‘Make it superficially nice.’ That’s not making a home. That’s transforming the home into a stage for an audience.

Have you noticed how interior design photos never feature rooms that look lived in? Everything is tucked away? That’s not what happens when someone is making use of a space. I don’t want to optimize a room for when it’s cleaned up–I want it optimized for the mess I’ll make.

When I was in San Francisco, I stayed in an old Victorian house. There was an alcove just for dish washing. Although there was a dishwasher, there was a giant sink and quartered off in a tiled ‘wet’ area. I’d never felt more at ease washing veggies and cleaning large pots. There were tiled shelving units for plates to dry.

Instead of upgrading comfortable rooms, like the bedroom or bathroom, there should be more emphasis on upgrading rooms so that doing things around the house become easier. Maybe those who can afford upgrades don’t do their dishes? Or are these chores specific to me?

I despise the culture of cleaning up for guests, the practice of making the home a theatrical display. Hopefully, there’ll be a day where magazines inspire through authentic messy homes.

If you have to clean up for someone, they’re probably not worth inviting over.



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