Mountain Bathing

— environmental therapy

saltwater park shoreline

Last weekend my husband took me to the beach. Since it was a saltwater beach, the air was salty and seaweed-y. My nose hadn’t gotten that much exposure to such scents so it was exciting to smell while watching the waves.

Today I came across the concept of forest bathing. The concept was developed in Japan in the 80’s as a healthcare wellness treatment (being in the forest keeps the doctor away sort of thing).

I wonder if there’s a similar concept for each type of landscape. ‘Desert bathing’, ‘moss bathing’, ‘mountain bathing’…these are all things I’ve started practicing since moving to the Pacific Northwest. Over the mountains, we’ve got dry desert-y hills. There are wet rainforests, drier forests, green rivers and a lot of mountains.

I can attest to the benefits of mountain bathing. My mood drastically improves when I see layers of rolling hills and peaks.



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