modern tv ennui

— its better to watch nothing

I watch a lot of random youtube videos. Casey Neistat and Mimi Ikonn, it’s not because I like them–it’s because they’re available. They upload frequently and sometimes I can’t think of anything to watch. And I want to watch.

Professional youtubers are great at not making me motion sick. But steadying the cam shouldn’t be the reason I spend time entertaining their thoughts. I’ve had enough listening to perspectives counter to mine.

I feel like a disgruntled couch potato flipping through channels all day. After going through the full round of channels, I might be slightly more interested in one show, but only because it’s slightly better than whatever’s playing.

I’m wasting precious life by paying attention to perspectives I don’t believe in.

It feels terrible to do something I don’t believe in…spending time listening to people I don’t believe in.

I guess that’s where unrestrained laziness gets me.



Berlin Sunset

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the illusion of a deal

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