Minimalism in Photo Taking

— active deletion is the key to life

Tolt River one of my favorite spots, where I can hear water trickle from multiple directions

A few days ago I had to backup my files to free up space on my computer.

I couldn’t believe the number of photos I’d taken. So many bad ones that end up taking time to back up. They also get in the way of finding good photos when I want to retrieve them.

I want to have less but better.

It’s very natural for me to capture bits of my day, but things don’t always look exciting when photographed. I don’t know until I pull out my camera (or phone).

Today, I took several pictures and deleted all but one.

There were others that looked cool, but I reminded myself to be selective. ‘If you could only choose a photo to represent this moment, which one would it be? Is this the best frame? Is there a better composition? What would be the purpose of keeping the second best if you just take one good one that beats the rest?’

I tried harder to create each image, playing with the composition and perspective before snapping.

Today I ended up with one photo. :)



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