Mid April

— 'Because the future has started.' Some spring reflections, inspired by a blog about the future.

April's volatile mood, one second it's sunny, the next it's hailing. It's gray but flowers are in bloom.

Yesterday I came across a new blog. Ken Perlin, a computer science professor at NYU, posts each day on what he thinks the future will look like. It’s rare these days to find a blog that’s just a daily journal rather than a platform for "thought leadership". Without any intentions, the posts were insightful and thought provoking.

"A colleague and I were discussing the possibilities for Future Reality. She said 'wouldn’t it be nice if while I was talking with my husband, I could re-image him as a gorgeous twenty year old?' I expressed doubts that such a thing would really catch on.

My argument was simple: That might be entertaining for a while, but it would likely interfere with the the ability to communicate with maximum emotional fidelity. And when you are in an intimate relationship, maximizing emotional bandwith and minimizing misunderstandings tends to be a lot more important than mere entertainment." - Ken Perlin, Maximum Emotional Fidelity

The post made me reflect on what was valuable. I remember spending weekends with roommates and we’d wait for our friends to check out house parties in the neighborhood before deciding to go out. Much of our energy was used towards limiting "bad party" experiences.

When a friend called in to tell us about a good party, we would usually arrive too late and the party would be overcrowded or people would have already started leaving.

At first, I thought this may be an example of how we sabotaged ourselves since we were so serious about not having a good time. But really, we had a great time on the couch. A party had to better than hanging out on the couch before we can consider leaving. But even from this perspective, it was about maximizing on entertainment.

The post reminded me of how there are other things, such as minimizing misunderstandings with my husband, is incomparable to the same amount of energy and time used towards securing a good time.



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