Mansion Party

— A different style of 'going out'

No paint! Beautiful wood and brick everywhere.

I first heard of 'mansion parties' back in 2012, right before I first arrived in Berlin. Imagine a run down building converted into a club--but there are no crowds, no waiting at the bar, no waiting for the bathrooms, plenty of space to sit, talk, sleep and eat...and excellent music.

Finally, after 5 years, I got to go to one. I'm the last person in the world who'd get invited to something like this. It was a total treat.

The mansion is located in rural Poland. There's a wall in front, along with a few barns and in the back, a pond, formerly a '60's swimming pool.

The video takes you inside

Inside, the walls are exposed brick and there were plenty of raw wood surfaces. The owners are behind some of the most legendary Berlin clubs. Perhaps the style that they're so good at is really theirs--it just got popularized to the point that it's considered 'Berlin' style. Today, you can find cafes and bars attempting to emulate the same aesthetic.

My husband and I spent some time on the front porch and examined the door. There were at least 7 different colors, so many layers of chipping revealed previous layers of paint. The foyer had many worn architectural details--it seemed whatever could be kept remained, specifically for the worn and weathered beauty. It can't be replicated.

In the video, I share the thoughts I had whilst there. They're not related to the party. The music was great and I enjoyed dancing. However, I was deeply moved by the interior and exterior spaces.



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