Making Inferences

— everyone's revealing

I don’t live by a warm beach so when I see a sandy outlook towards water, I think ‘vacation, relaxation, a getaway’. However, having been on a few beach vacations, I’ve realized that they’re not always relaxing. Despite the knowledge, I still see ‘relaxation, getaway’ when I come across an image of a beach.

My friends in Miami live on the beach. Unlike me, they try hard to avoid the sun. They hardly step out to enjoy water or sand.

Images are so clever in being able to inspire a sort of yearning. Something far away, removed from day to day, has the ability to stimulate desires.

When I see images of the Oberbaumbr├╝cke, a Gothic bridge in Berlin, I’m disgusted. Although it appears storybook with it’s brick towers, walking under, you’ll feel the exhilarating strength of urine smells. They are unforgettable. But the shape and form of the bridge inspires throngs of tourists to visit.

Outside of aesthetic preferences, there’s revealed information in the images a person likes. There’s so many likes recorded from posted images, from Instagram, FB and Pinterest.

Someone who’s liking European architecture found throughout the region cannot possibly be from Europe. The same sort of buildings are everywhere–so commonplace. Unless they’re doing heavy research on architecture. On the other hand, to Americans living in suburbs, even the ugliest are extraordinarily charming.

There’s so much data on people, it’s hard to believe inferences are not being made. If consistent conclusions can be made from people’s likes, learnings wouldn’t be revealed.

I bet there’s a way to tell who has enough to buy things. If there’s a cool trend out there, for red boots, and a user pins red boots for a month, then they probably can’t afford red boots. That’s what I do when I can’t afford something I want. Or if they pinned DIY links for a trendy design, they probably can’t afford to buy it and are thinking of making it themselves. But the behavior can further reveal the likelihood a person is enamored by the latest trend, the latest passions, the latest viewpoints.

Hopefully it’s still a stretch?



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