Magic Appeared

— a wish was magically granted

summer plants things veer in mysterious ways

I started sewing clothes a few weeks ago.

When I was young, the number one thing I wanted was to play dress up with fabric and bed sheets at home. I spent hours draping and fastening cloth over my sister and cousins.

I did a bit of sewing but I never had enough patience to make an entire garment. Somehow, a few weeks ago, I was granted the patience required to finish a piece of clothing.

It wasn’t like I’d been sewing anytime before. My mom happened to have left her sewing machine at my apartment.

What’s even more strange is that I learned how to alter patterns by watching hours of instruction on youtube and going through pattern books. After finishing the first dress, I imagined a shirt based off the bodice. I made a prototype and learned how the shoulders and armholes needed to be aligned for any pattern to work. It was like a science experiment, taking a hypothesis, making a shape I believed the cloth needed to be to look a certain way then testing whether it was correct by sewing the garment together.

I don’t know what kind of magic appeared, but all of a sudden, I’m able to do something I’ve always wanted to do. The dedication came out of nowhere.

I never thought this was possible. Clothes making was always considered a skill beyond anything I can comprehend.

Maybe it was just the right time, I’m finally old enough to not have ADD? I can never judge anyone for not being able to do what they want.



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