Losing Touch

— face off

I’m watching the OJ Simpson show and I can’t help but notice John Travolta’s face. It looks as if it’s been preserved. His forehead, the skin next to his eyes, his cheeks…nothing moves.

On the Real Housewives shows, everyone has fake lips. They look ridiculous but I always thought, if you only socialize with others with big lips you’d feel conscious about not having them. It’d be ‘wrong’ not to get them.

Perhaps Travolta is the same. Everyone in Hollywood has frozen flesh. Nothing flaps the slightest. Movie stars probably meet only people who have flesh that barely moves.

Maybe it’s easier these days to only meet people who are similar. That’s the success of the social platforms. But I can’t help but think that the more I hang out with people who are similar, the more I lose touch with the world.



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