Like-Minded People

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I had an eventful evening.

Ten minutes into my walk today, I turned onto a street heading towards the canal. My husband and I noticed two guys yelling and knocking into things. The two men were so drunk they could barely hold themselves up.

We decided to walk on the other side of street to avoid any confrontation. They were heckling everyone who passed by.

As we turned towards the canal, a biker motioned for us to look towards the water. It was dusk and I could barely make out what was happening. Across the canal, a few people were on the bank pulling a rope. A guy had fallen into the water.

As I settled to watch, the two drunk men re-appeared and were even louder than before. I was nervous that they'd come towards us. We were near the boule courts. Seeing that there were plenty of people to confront before they'd reach us, I felt better, but I was disturbed by their presence.

Despite their yelling, everyone's eyes were on the canal.

The guy in the water finally climbed up and got to his feet just as two cop cars zoomed to the scene. He raised his hands and the cops arrested him. There was an applause.

I looked at the moon. It was round, but not perfectly round. 'Is it a full moon?,' I asked Google.

My searches give indication as to who I am, what I believe--far more than any tweet or photo.

I know the costs of conning people into thinking I'm more compatible than I am. Now, I don't want to be mistaken for being smarter, nicer, or more rational. I don't want just anyone's positive opinion. I prefer meeting people who 'get' me and understand my inconsistencies.

Imagine a Linked In that matched you to a 'network' of like-minded people. Truly like-minded, not just like-minded in a way that's cool.

Later in the evening, I googled a query that was long overdue: 'Why is Bannon's nose red?'

I don't care how silly it is, I want to find people to discuss the concerns that matter to me the most.



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