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— an unexplained mystery

About twenty years ago, I recreated a meal I saw on The Naked Chef. I remember finishing mini trifles (so British, exotic for a high schooler in the suburbs of Chicago), layering custard, fruit and cake in glasses for my ‘guests’ (whoever was around at home). Over the past few weeks, I’ve been recreating meals from Jamie Cooks Italy.

I’m easily inspired to cook. Or maybe Jamie is really good at getting people into the kitchen? His recipes look so simple and they’re different from normal dishes I’m bored of making.

How is it that others don’t feel like cooking after watching an episode? I’m ready to grab ingredients for risotto first thing tomorrow.

I’m reminded that people’s worlds can be very different. While I was strongly inspired to recreate dishes I saw, my husband–not so much. And I’m sure other people who watch the same show wouldn’t feel as compelled.

That’s how different everyone’s worlds are. A tv show can get me to physically move, drive to the shop, and spend money, yet, it can be totally ineffective in causing anything to happen for someone else.

Although it seems obvious, we’re all inspired by different things, the force of an individual’s interest is strange and mysterious. There’s no reason behind why we’re each interested in what we’re interested in but it drives a lot of our decisions.

While it’s easy to believe I know what’s going on in someone’s head, it’s actually quite hard to fully know.




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