It Can Be Better

— don't be jealous

I was reading about a UFO sighting that happened in October. Multiple pilots spotted a flying object. Its movements puzzled air traffic controllers across the Pacific Northwest. Like another recent report, the object moved faster than any human made aircraft.

It was a nice reminder that there can be more sophisticated technology. Using the same elements present on the earth, aliens are somehow able to move faster.

When I was young, my family drove to an area with a lot of private planes. There was a wealthy community that shared a landing strip in the middle of a forest.

‘I wish I were rich. Imagine having lunch in Michigan, then going to LA for dinner…’ I’d imagine getting on a plane and looking out over the landscape. ‘It’d be so cool! I wouldn’t need anything else…’

Despite how pleasant that idea was, there’s still a ton of time and energy required. The recent UFOs reports describe a mode of transportation that’s close to teleportation. You’re moving so fast, you just get to your destination. Why would you want a plane if you could teleport? Things can be far better.

Slower modes of travel are romanticized. Regardless of class, traveling from Europe to the US on a boat like the Titanic seems tiresome. If it hadn’t sunk, it would have taken 7 days. Imagine being stuck on a vessel that rocked for that long. Ships were not as stable as they are today.

Things can be much much better than how the ‘privileged’ are living. Why bother wasting time wanting what they have?

It’s all shit anyway.



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