— serious issue that seems not so serious at first

biscuit breakfast nothing like waking up after a GOOD night of sleep

I’ve had insomnia twice in my life. The first was in my mid twenties. For months I’d go to sleep at 1 or 2am only to wake at 5am. It was too subtle to treat as a real issue but weeks went by where I hadn’t slept much.

Last month, insomnia hit again. But this time, I knew I needed to address it. After a week of internal questioning, I found a way out. I had to upend who I was and how I related to the world. It wasn’t easy.

Today I was happy to hear about Kim Cattrall’s experience with insomnia. I’d never come across anyone who talked about it so it was nice to hear another person going through the same thing. Kim created an audio story that describes the worries and memories that pour out in the darkness and the ways it always seems better off to get up and be productive.

Letting go of being productive was what cured me in the end.



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