Infinite Walks

— Inaccurate simplifications

Same street, multiple experiences of the same walk

'Oh, look at these new trash receptacles!'

We were walking on a busy street when I spotted sphere shaped trashcans.

'That was over a year--didn't you notice when they were placed?!'

My husband and I go on walks together, but we notice entirely different things. We also have different things on our mind.

Today, while looking at the stormy clouds coming in, my husband mentioned how the cold gust of wind made it seem like winter is coming.

'Who you rooting for?'

'What? What rooting?'

'Yea, I know. It's obvious to root for the dragon queen or Jon Snow, but I can see why people might want Circe to win.'

He did not understand how we got onto the topic of Game of Thrones.

This morning I came across Walking in LA. It's a journal of many walks. Each walk is documented with a map and photos. You can see which details caught the person's attention, whether it was a building or an old telephone booth.

I imagine others have had similar walks. If each were to document the walk, every photo collection would be different.

It could vary based on criteria bound to a person's physique: how tall the person is, how far they can see. The perspective could also be bound to interests: maybe the walker has an interest in retro buildings or strange cars parked on the road. Or maybe the person is in a mood for more sun or wider pavements. An infinite amount of perspectives can exist.

In a previous post, I thought about 'what really happens' in life. If you were to walk down a street, and a hundred people were to on the same street, everyone would experience a different mix of internal emotions and feelings. All internal experiences would be different, triggered by different things they notice, even if they are physically on the same street.

It feels grossly inaccurate to say 101 people went through the same thing.



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