Hot and Cold

— not eco-friendly

flowers in the sun

I’ll never forget the time my friend Kathy drove me to lunch back in high school. It was super hot, 90 degrees and her parents let her borrow their car for one day. The windows were rolled down and the AC turned to the max. We wanted to feel the wind from the outside but also, we wanted to feel comfortable in the heat. The hot and cold felt so good together.

Open windows with the AC is something you’re ‘not suppose to do.’ Anytime anyone turns on the AC, the windows are forced to come up. This is sad for a person like me who loves open windows. I often feel carsick when there isn’t much air flow.

It makes more sense to open the windows and have the AC running. But I’ve never been allowed to enjoy such a thing outside that moment with my friend. Her parents were dentists. There was no guilt in being luxuriously wasteful. At the time, being ecologically friendly wasn’t yet much of a concern.

If I ever get a car, one thing I’ll make sure is to blast AC with the windows rolled down. I wonder if running the heat in the winter would achieve the same?



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