Historical Wholesomeness

— more wholesome than back in the day

“He had tested 198 samples of candy and found that a full 115 were tainted by the use of dangerous dyes, mostly arsenic and lead chromate. Forty-one out of forty-eight samples of yellow and orange-colored candy, in fact, contained lead.” - on the bad old days of pre-regulated food consumption

Most of the things we enjoy today are overlooked. I’ve watched too many period dramas in my life. From when I was little, I’d fantasize what it’d be like to live in the past (having read all the American Girl books), making everything from scratch.

Just over a hundred years ago, there was no regulation on food sold in stores. You could pick up flour or pepper and it could be made from sawdust or burnt sea shells.

Access to whole ingredients is something that seems more available in the past but it’s actually more possible today through technological improvements. I can get affordable spices from across the planet. There were shortages in ingredients back in the day, it was probably more lucrative to whip up a mixture of colored sawdust to sell as spice.

Of course less of us grow our own wheat, raise our own chickens, but there are many other ingredients we have access to that make life good now.

Handmade craft, the use of whole materials and ingredients, is getting redefined today.

“Our pizza is sourdough based. The traditional pizza is on yeast and it is a fast fermentation. It’s a fast food. If you do a really Neapolitan pizza you will probably have the outside be bigger. But what I think is a huge factor is when you open this, if you smell this [pizza crust], it doesn’t smell of yeast. And there’s no pizza with yeast in it where you cannot smell the yeast. And for me, it’s like, you put a cap on it. It is not possible to, flavor-wise, develop something that is not that thing.”

“It’s funny to me because Italians should be proponents of the sourdough method, and not the yeast method.” - Ugly Delicious

We are more wholesome with certain foods today than other periods in history.



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