Good People

— who are these people

I remember things being so difficult in my twenties. I couldn’t make sense of anything but I wanted to so badly.

One thing in particular was a way to judge people. ‘Who am I working with? Are these people even that good?’

At the time, I had just graduated from college, I was used to evaluating my peers.

I worked at a corporation where there was a ton of politics. I assumed the people I was with were not so good. ‘There was something wrong with them. Why else would they be attracted to such an environment?’

I also thought that my coworkers reflected the state I was in. ‘If I’m not good, the environment and people I’m around reflect it.’

Right after, I got to work at a place where the business was growing. ‘I must have improved as a person!’ There was no politics because there was so much work to be done. I assumed the new people I worked with were of better quality.

With the perspective of time, I realize that none of my assumptions were correct. When a business isn’t growing, there isn’t work to be done, there isn’t an option to work hard in the traditional sense.

The people at the stagnant business have moved on to better things. Many now work across a variety of industries, they’ve gotten into things they care about and their work doesn’t involve anything related to headline grabbing industries.

But the business that did well, the people I worked with are locked into the latest and greatest. A few years back, most of them were into big data. Now, crypto mashed up with anything will do.

I still can’t make judgements on anyone, but with the same naive perspective I had in the past, with the same methods of judging, I could, with the new information that has been presented over time, justify that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the people I worked with.



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