French Pressing

— A update from yesterday's experience

A successful cup today and a snap of Seattle clouds, perfect mood for coffee

I got a french press just for the coffee beans I'd purchased right before leaving Seattle.

It worked so much better than the drip method I tried a day ago. I just need to add more beans next time but the flavor was closer to what I had at the Storyville cafes.

The beans expire within two weeks of roast date. When I purchased them, seven days had already passed. I'd normally feel ripped off but the coffee is so good that I'm going to finish an entire pack within the remaining days.

I like the simplicity--the roaster only offers one roast so I don't get confused about what to get. There's an extent to how much I want to think about coffee.

Since I've been trying different coffees in Seattle, I've come to notice the differences in caffeine highs. The artisan roasters (Stumptown, Caffe Umbria, Caffe Vita and Storyville) never give me the jitters. I feel awake, alert and calm. Can't say that about Starbucks.

I don't want to think about coffee at all. But outside Seattle it's hard to get a delicious cup that doesn't cause problems.



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