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— My new vlog series

A scene from Lunch at an Italian Grocer

I published three videos recently. Having a sense that my days in Berlin are numbered, I feel an urgency to capture the 'everyday'.

While The Art of Cooking While Jet-lagged is mostly about lasagna making at 3 am, there are clips from a visit to my grocery store to pick up remaining ingredients.

Welcome to my kitchen...

Pseudo Buttermilk Pancakes is entirely shot at home. It captures what weekend mornings are like, when I'm antsy to get the day started but I'm alone in being awake since my husband is usually sleeping in.

In Lunch at an Italian Grocer, my husband and I walk five minutes to a specialty Italian shop, where they serve lunch in the back. It's a very cozy space and you can get a sense of the ambiance from the background conversations in German and Italian.

Since I'm still new to the video format, there's a lot I'm picking up in putting these videos together. The main thing I'm working on is being more natural in front of the camera. I'm actually putting a lot of energy into relaxing.



Decorative Art

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Contingent Happiness

Not even close to the real thing

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