The Five Year Rule

— A new curiosity

My husband told me about a rule he heard from a podcast. It’s allowed me to see the future.

The ‘five year rule’ pertains to how the face looks. My face in the evening will be my face in the morning in 5 years. Looking into my face this morning, I go back in time and see the most worn out version of my 28 year old self. I just looked into the mirror this evening and met fresh-out-of-bed, 38 year old me.

No time in my life have I ever noticed much change day to day. I’ve been ambiguously twenty-something for so long. ‘It’s finally happening.’

Other people have noticed that I’ve aged, but maybe I hadn’t because of some reality distortion field. But now there’s enough noticeable change that it cannot be ignored. It’s always been happening, but for once in my life, I see it.



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