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I’m making sourdough bread today but I’m half-assing it, turning the dough whenever I feel like rather than timed 30 minute intervals. I’m hoping to use half the recipe for pizza and the other half for a full loaf.

For today’s mixture, I’m using King Arthur Flour. This is my version of ‘getting fancy’. Flour isn’t expensive, but I’ve wasted so much across multiple attempts. Am I deserving of higher quality flour? We’ll see.

It was cold last night so my levain wasn’t ready after 12 hours (I slept 12 hours last night!). I was worried. Perhaps I need more time to make sure fermentation happens properly?


My kombucha is still too sweet. This is the second batch with the SCOBY I ordered so it’s not behaving the way it should. This time I’m going to add less juice for the second fermentation. The last batch had too much.


My husband just finished his 2nd batch of beer.


My cabbage didn’t pickle correctly. Maybe I should consider buying a jar with a proper weight. I’m trying to be more resourceful but the more I cook, the more accessories I seem to need.


I’m planning on trying a few new recipes this week including a gnocchi without egg, a flan that’s chamomile infused and a pasta with pecorino and black pepper.

Let’s see how far I get.



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