Female Cab Drivers

— A demand that has not been met

On my walk today, I spotted a cab squeezing into a narrow lane. I looked at the driver and it was a blond woman with a pixie haircut.

The moment reminded me of the one time I hopped into a cab and found the driver to be a woman. I was startled.

There aren't programs helping women become drivers as much as there are programs getting women into computer programming.

I was figuring out how my mom should get to the airport yesterday. She refused to take a cab. She didn't want to get into a car and be alone with a random guy.

My mom would've taken a cab if the taxi were driven by a woman. Instead, we lugged her luggage onto the subway. We had no other option.

I live in a neighborhood with a lot of immigrant taxi drivers. All of them are male. During their off time, they hang out at cafes, some smoke hookah, but all are in places with no females. From the surface, the profession seems male dominated.

Driving is a skill that many women have. Perhaps there's less women who naturally find themselves interested in computer programming, but there's far more women who eventually learn to drive. Why can't they have fair representation in a skill that they already possess?

Especially when other women would feel more comfortable with female drivers.

After understanding why my mom didn't want to take a cab, I was reminded of the 'female cars' on the Tokyo subway. My brother went on a trip to Japan a couple months ago and he photographed two train cars that were designated for women. It was a safe place, especially during rush hour, when the train gets packed and inappropriate 'rubbing' happens.

Why aren't there 'female' spaces in taxis? Taxis are suppose to be more upscale than public transportation.

I don't know how these topics fit with women's rights. Although I'd love to have more female friendly options, the presence of such offerings potentially reconfirms how we're docile and prone to being victims.



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