Fearless Writing

— scaredy cat

a page from my journal

It’s scary to write because you can’t explain everything. People will take you the wrong way.

If I write “there’s no rationale for anything” I can hear a chorus of “Yes there is! Science has proven… There are facts! Statistics say…” But none would refer to what I’d be talking about nor would it address what I’m attempting to say.

If someone wants to fight, argue or refute, you can’t stop them. If they want to bring their agenda into light, construing a person’s message and use it as a springboard, you can’t stop them. You can never protect against those who wish to fight.

I write differently in my private journals. No defensive strategy, no ‘let’s start from the beginning to explain.’ All explanations are ways I try to make my ideas easier to accept. Explaining is done out of fear.

Someone will always take me the wrong way. Gotta get used to it.



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