Fair Weather Communist

— Conveniently anti-capitalist

My brother becomes a communist when he’s losing.

Whenever we play a board game, if someone else is clearly ahead, he focuses all his efforts to sabotage first place even when it puts him at a disadvantage. If he happens to be winning, however, he’ll do nothing to level the playing field.

It’s not an uncommon way to think. ‘If I’m not number one, no one can be.’ The desire to take away from others becomes overpowering when hope is lost.

Wasn’t the playing field leveled at the beginning of the game? Why does it need to be reset just because he is behind?

Once my brother settles into the fact he’ll lose, the game is only entertaining if he can make the winner lose.

I wondered if his methods were reflected in life. Perhaps he is a loser who feels so hopeless at times that he doesn’t wish to do anything but to sabotage people he’s jealous of?

The only people I see him sabotaging are my parents. They do have much more than him. He has mentioned that it’d be impossible for him to attain what they have.

Unlike a game, life is much longer. It’d probably get boring to play a longer game in the same way. Just as he got bored of competing to be first, he’ll soon get bored of being a communist. I wonder what’s next.



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