Facade Watching

— The only time of year

Leaves haven't come in yet but there's much more sun. This is the best time of the year to look at buildings.

I was marveling at facades in the neighborhood. It's never this sunny in winter, so until late March, the buildings look drab, no matter what color they're painted.

It was hot enough to wear thin cotton pants. I enjoyed this light lavender facade--looked nice against the yellow flowers.

There was an older facade at the cafe I visited today. I got really hot while sitting there. I only order hot drinks so I ordered a mint tea. Mint is suppose to cool, right? Well, I started sweating--profusely. My bench became uncomfortable under the sun.

This was what I saw towering over me as I sat at a cafe today. Great spot to inspect early 19th century decorative columns. Reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream. I like how the facades reflect bright color when there's light.

After I finished my tea, my husband ordered me a fresh lemonade with basil. I was surprised how the drink cooled me off right away. I stopped sweating. I would've never order the drink myself.

I always thought it was less 'healthy' to drink cold drinks. Especially since I've been coughing recently.

It's strange to realize how little I know about my physical body. Now that I'm almost entirely sure that I caused my own allergies for six months, I'm open to learning what other 'healthy' habits have backfired.




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