Excitement in the Burbs

— I had an incredible morning.

My husband and I drove to Whole Foods to drop off a package at an Amazon locker. Over a matcha latte and an Americano, we chatted at the tables in store.

After finishing drinks, we perused every aisle. Poking and prodding products, I spotted a water bottle and a pair of slippers. My husband looked them up on Amazon and bought me the bottle. It was cheaper online. Then he looked up the slippers and saw terrible reviews.

I’m guessing this is exactly how Amazon wants us to shop. Go and touch the product, try it on, then buy it online. Amazon has a bookstore that operates similarly at the mall.

I love this way of shopping. You don’t have to carry anything because it arrives at your home. It’s better than online shopping because I had a way to touch the products.

How strange it is to enjoy ‘suburban life’… My husband mentioned that we can actually enjoy the ‘boring environment’ because our lives became exciting to live. When I was younger I certainly wasn’t enthusiastic to be me.

Totally un-excited with my life, I had to be in the city, attending entertaining events, meeting people and going out all the time. I needed distractions so I didn’t have to experience being boring me.

Back then, I thought all these suburban people were so silly for living such a life. Now I feel accomplished to become one of them.



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