Equal Access

— Old practices in a new world

My husband and I watched Voyeur on Netflix last night. Over a year ago, I had read the original article the documentary was based. It was exciting to see what happened before and after the publishing of the story about a motel owner who spied on guests.

After watching, I googled the movie and found reviews. Netflix had only released the movie a few days ago.

It’s strange to be living in a time when magazines, Entertainment Weekly and the Atlantic, review movies that are on Netflix. Before, these reputable publications reviewed movies in theaters. Reporters had advanced screenings. Now they have to watch it with the rest of us.

I didn’t agree with any of the reviews of this movie. Each day, I lose a little more confidence in what I thought was reputable.

Back when publications only reviewed movies in theaters, I didn’t necessarily find myself agreeing with reviews. However, I never held the publications accountable for their opinions because there was always another flashy movie to see that I couldn’t get my hands on. Reporters were the ones to see it first. They were the ones I could go to for insight.

Now that I have access to the movie directly, I don’t need their insight.



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