The End of Yes or No

— today's fear of making choices

“I haven’t made up my mind to do it but I’ve made up my
mind I’m not going to make up my mind
not to do it.”

I found this quote on a work by Ed Ruscha. It captures what I go through every time my husband asks me whether we should do something, eat somewhere, go someplace.

Perhaps it’s the tone of this period in time.

My sister is visiting in a month. She wants to go camping but it takes a lot of planning, which she clearly isn’t interested in. I sense she’s saying the same thing: ‘I’m not going to make up my mind not to do it but I haven’t made my mind to do it.’

It’s an alternate answer to yes or no. Not making up our minds, we stay in limbo where we keep ourselves ‘open’ to all possibilities.

Just trying to clear things up.



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