Dream Drama

— more drama at night


My old roommate sat next to me in the basement of a synagogue. She’s putting on face paint that makes her look like a skunk. There’s a spiral staircase I’m tip toeing down from with a friend. It’s hard to manage and I asked her whether she prefers this sort of ‘hike’ over the one we had in Panama. At a children’s playground, a lady shows me and my friends an AI toy for children. I’m working out at a luxury gym. Everyone is selling cell phone cases for money.

I fell back asleep for a short time, no more than thirty minutes this morning. Yet I had dreamt a timeline of activity that lasted days.

Because of Steve Jobs, there’s an idea that psychedelic drugs could unlock answers to the universe. Dreams are so trippy, far beyond the wildest acid trip anyone has described. We’re going on them every night whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s a shame we can’t figure how to pay consistent attention.

I woke up worn out–because I went through so much in a short period of time.

What if we could consistently remember our dreams? Why is there no technological development in this arena?



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