Donut Run

— how to not make the best of the situation

Sunday morning was drizzly and cold but I wanted to get a donut.

My husband an I headed to the donut shop and when we got there, I decided to get two donuts. How can you go for only one?

Of course, two turned out to be overwhelming. My apple fritter was larger than my face and the maple bar almost as big. I felt so tired after the sugar rush.

I wanted to make the most out of being out on a cold drizzly day. I thought getting two would make me happier than getting one. Tthe donuts are quite cheap, go all the way there and spend one dollar and come back? It probably cost more in gas.

It’s so hard to stop thinking quantitatively, how much more am I getting (per dollar, per donut, per effort exerted), and evaluate things from a qualitative standpoint–I’m going to feel sick if I eat more than one donut.

I can’t measure how bad I feel. I couldn’t anticipate how many dollars I’d pay not to feel so bad after I ate too many donuts.

There’s a huge part of modern culture that’s obsessed with numbers and it’s hard to shake that habit away.



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