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— Quenching the fire inside

I woke up really early today. It was as if someone had turned up the heat inside my body. My skin felt comfortable but my internal organs were burning. I stretched my limbs in awkward positions, trying to get some relief.

I was tired yesterday because I woke up in the same condition. Today I was determined to get rest. My heart pounded heavily as I tried to fall asleep. So many stressful thoughts, anxieties and fears all crept up as I fought to relax.

I did get more sleep. But when I got up, my organs continued to burn. Am I inflamed inside? I've heard of these new diets that focus on anti-inflammation. Perhaps I'm inflamed. I wouldn't have thought so if I hadn't come across the concept.

Determined to distinguish the fire inside, I went to the store, bought a thyme plant and raspberries. I wanted to get some bread so I stopped by the Italian bakery. While I usually grab the ciabatta, I decided to go for the sourdough spelt bread.

Are eggs inflammatory? I recall hearing dairy causes inflammation. Are eggs dairy?

"Eggs help offset inflammation because they contain the potent carotenoids zeaxanthin and lutein (both good for vision), as well as choline (good for brain and heart function)." -

Googling is the best I can do. I've tried to go to the doctor but a three hour wait (since everyone has insurance in Germany) to hear advice that might not work...there's nothing else I can do.

Maybe we're just more sensitive these days. I can imagine back a century ago, doctors were called for life threatening situations. Now so many of us are interested in curing less severe ailments, but there's not enough doctors to look into that.



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