Discovery Park

— the personality of a natural space

Discovery Park Seattle

What’s the difference between a city park and a regular park?

The proportion of people working out.

In the suburbs, there’s people who also work out at parks, but there’s a larger proportion of people chilling, doing absolutely nothing.

I went to Discovery Park today. It’s a huge park in Seattle and it has a forest and several beaches. The park is actually located in the city and in rush hour traffic, a ten minute drive to hip restaurants.

Stepping into the park, the trails are similar to many trails I’ve been on. But instead of running into fellow hikers connecting with nature, I ran into joggers. On my way to the beach, I saw a woman on the other side of the field working out with weights. She looked as if she were filming a work out video, perfect form, matching top and bottom, muscular with perfectly brushed hair (and makeup).

The feeling of being in a ‘work out’ park felt so different. Unlike trails with similar terrain, people on the narrow trails did not say hi. It was just another workout. The forest and beaches, although insanely beautiful, felt less special.

It seems my enjoyment of a place is highly dependent on the attitudes of the people I meet. Not that I was entirely affected–I did enjoy my visit. But I’d rather return to the parks where there’s less people working out, less people trying to do something with their lives.



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