What Do You Do When You're a Deliveroo?

— The next hit series

If I could pitch a tv show it'd be 'What do Deliveroos Do?'.

Deliveroo is a company that delivers food from local restaurants. They have a legion of bike deliverers who frequent the city during meal times and often gather around restaurant areas.

They wear bright green jackets and carry a large green delivery box. With the logo on their backs, I've started to think of them as 'deliveroos'. Like kangaroos they're a species. They happen to deliver food.

When the service was introduced, I was sitting at a park. On the next bench, was a deliveroo resting between jobs. Soon after, another deliveroo joined. They introduced each other and talked about what they did--one was a musician and another a student.

I started seeing this more and more. Clusters of people dressed in green, socializing, eating together on street corners near bikes.

Yesterday, I saw a deliveroo run lines with a friend. It sounded like it was for a play and the deliveroo critiqued his friend's performance. Most often, I come across deliveroos while they're circling the neighborhood on their bikes, not knowing what to do as they kill time. Whether they're waiting for the food to be ready or on the next job, it's a dilemma: what do you do when you're a deliveroo?

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