Decorative Art

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A drawing I've been working on for a few days, finally done.

When I went to Austin, I couldn't get enough of the architectural details. I don't frequent the South, so front porches were exciting to see. Many of the old homes in the city had iron fences with decorative ironwork. Each gate had an emblem, often a lone star, displayed in the center.

While traveling in Texas, I looked up many websites on what to do. No one mentioned how cool the design was. From my point of view, the motifs on residential buildings were the main attraction.

I'm always amazed by details I find on buildings all across Europe. So many different shapes and motifs show up on windows and doors. No one pays much attention to them. They're too 'everyday' for locals to take notice. However, the designs are extraordinary for someone who grew up in the suburbs of the US.

Decorative details: Austin versus Berlin

I started drawing because I wanted to replicate some of the details I come across. It's a way to get intimate with designs I admire.

Despite not knowing how to draw, I am happy spending hours understanding angles and proportions, like I did with the door above. 'Drawing' this picture was more like putting together a puzzle. It's not the same activity as when an artist sketches. My process involves sketching, erasing and re-sketching small portions multiple times. I try and fail again and again until I'm able to form the details I'm inspired by.

I don't have patience for much, but surprisingly, when it comes to sketching details by hand, I have plenty.

Maybe it's a sign? When work doesn't feel like work but it's clearly work? There's also nothing else that gets me as excited. Perhaps that's why I can spend hours at a thrift store, looking at vintage patterns or bizarre arrangements.

I just assumed everyone else was as much into it. Why wouldn't they be?



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