Date by Scent

— Follow the nose to follow the heart?

A cozy pair: windows I found canoodling in Rome

Online dating app ideas are fun to come up with. Today, I came across a headline: "Date Perfumes before Marrying Them." Could it be? A site where you date by scent? I know I would’ve selected my husband if we dated this way. Next to the headline was a photo of several colored sticks, as if each stick represented a person’s scent.

But no, it was just a perfume company that allowed you to try on perfumes before buying them. I think the only perfumes I would consider this for are the perfumes that cost so much (~$300 a bottle) rather than the $60 ones at Sephora. But in these shops, each bottle is like an ingredient you can mix and match.

I don’t much knowledge about fragrances but I know that the one time I visited Bloom, a niche perfumery in London, I was blown away. I tried several versions each of linen, fig and tobacco. My head felt tingly in places where I never felt anything. Perhaps certain scent receptors had finally been activated.

"niche is the antithesis of 'designer' perfumes that employ clever marketing techniques…"
"mass produced perfumes are engineered to smell good on paper blotters…"
"manufacturers are well aware that in shopping environments products only get one spray to make a first impression, these perfumes are not designed to last on the skin"
"customers chase that initial burst of addictive freshness"
"these scents are often made with basic synthetic materials"

I’m interested in exploring scents a bit more, it’s definitely fun to smell things I normally don’t. And I’d like to get that tingly feeling in my head (I hold some belief that it’s healthy to activate sense receptors that are dormant). There are a few sample packs on Bloom that I’m looking to try, including ’Roots and Shoots’ the Ambroxan Pack.

"Embers is a dark and resinous fragrance that utilizes a sweet and balmy pink pepper note perfectly."

"Ambroxan is an isolated ingredient that perfumers often refer to as a wonder molecule. It’s a natural ingredient that comes from clary sage…"

"We’ve included a 1% solution of pure ambroxan in your pack to help you identify the molecule’s wholly unique and projective properties."

At 10 GBP, it seems like a promising activity.



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