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Most mornings I wake up thinking ‘I should go for a jog’ and then I lay a bit more and feel bad that I don’t get much exercise. When I finally get up to go to the bathroom, I always follow by going to the kitchen to make tea.

Once I have the first sip, the idea of exercise become infeasible. ‘It’s not good to have hot liquids slosh inside the stomach.’ I believe it’ll hurt me more than do me any good.

There’s always a part of me that believes I should be doing something ‘better’ but then I end up just doing things I normally do, like drinking hot tea.

Maybe one day, I’ll naturally believe it’s a good idea to workout. For now, the idea of working out brings upon the first dose of self loathing each day.


“Three months–they would buy 100 sheets of paper and one rubbish can. And they will put on the table. Every day at the same time they will sit on the chair and write good ideas. The one that they like they put on the left side of the table and the one that they don’t like they put in the rubbish. And for three months like this.”

“And after three months, they all want to present good ideas. I told them ‘I’m not interested in good ideas.’ “

“I took rubbish can and we look into rubbish can. And every single idea was incredible.” - Marina Abramović


I’ve been listening to Francisco Tárrega’s guitar music on repeat. My favorite is Capricho Arabe.



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