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Christine bathing in Knife in the Water Christine, Christine, Christine…

After watching Knife in the Water, I got angry: ‘Why can’t more films be like this?!’

The fact that there’s nothing similar is precisely why I like this movie so much. Rather than thinking ‘Polanski is exceptional’, I felt most people in Hollywood were doing a bad job.

In the movie, character tension is described through meticulous placement of actors in each shot. A compelling story emerges without special effects.

‘more films COULD be better but they choose not to be’

Perhaps I’m just angry at myself. I noticed the patience required to make this film. There wasn’t color, the sound effects weren’t great, but using what he had at the time, the director was able to tell a story far more compelling.

I often believe I lack equipment or skills to achieve work I’d be proud of. Something is always missing. ‘I can NOT take good photos because I don’t have a full frame camera.’ ‘Perhaps I need to learn color theory before I can paint a decent picture.’

The movie told me something different. Working with restrictions can add to originality, the quality that makes a piece stand out. Not having everything at my disposal doesn’t necessarily result in work of lesser quality despite how much it feels that way. It’s just an excuse.

Christine's many faces

Knife in the Water is Roman Polanski’s first feature film and I like it more than all the other movies of his I’ve seen.



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