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My mom is worried my brother won’t have a place to live after this month. She sold her house and my brother hasn’t bothered to start looking for a place. Now my mom’s stressed to the point she can’t sleep or eat well.

‘Just sit with the unease. It’s like feeling inertia on a plane. If you fight it, it makes you sick. Rather, take time to get acquainted with the feeling of not having control and not knowing what will happen. Don’t address the discomfort, but just sit, feel it out and get acquainted.’

I’m also uneasy about finding a new place to live. But by consoling my mom, I was reminded of what I should be doing.

I’m nervous but instead of sitting with the feeling, accepting it, I find myself fighting the feeling. ‘I need to overcome this! This needs to be resolved!’ I’m thinking of all the things I should do to find a new place. My actions are driven by fear as I try to remedy the unease inside.

This is a rare occasion. Once I settle into a place, it’ll be a while until I get so uneasy again. There’s a lot of unknown at this point. I don’t often feel this way. Why not take the opportunity to fully feel something that comes only once in a while?



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