Connecting to Your Home

— Home-work for adults not in school

cast iron cooking

I’ve been feeding sourdough and cooking on cast iron for a year.

I used to think that home was a place I could sprawl out. Come home from the outside world and make a mess. A place to not care.

Since I want to eat healthier and more delicious food, I’ve had to make it myself. Sourdough needs to be fed daily and cast iron requires patience: drying, oiling, and seasoning. The home has become a place of work. There are responsibilities. It’s not a comfortable place when the work isn’t done.

There are moments when dishes pile up in the kitchen because our dishwasher is full of clean dishes that we haven’t had time to unload. When we’re too busy, we order food. There’s a lot of trash that comes with that. When the kitchen isn’t being used as a place for making food it feels most un-home-like.

I’m realizing that I’ve been brought up in a culture that doesn’t place emphasis on home as a place of work.

‘Can I come over?’

‘No! I can’t let anyone come to my place. It’s a mess.’

The home isn’t a place to be maintained for one’s own comfort. Cleaning and organizing a home is something you do for when guests visit.

Some of my friends hire cleaners to maintain their homes. They’re proud they can afford such luxury, as if it’s a privilege to be able to afford it. But outsourcing the maintenance–doesn’t that limit the connection you have with your home?

I want to garden vegetables because I want to see where my food comes from. Just as I’ve experienced with sourdough, I want to watch my food grow, go through different phases and understand what happens before it’s ready for harvest.

Having just moved, I’ve realized how much stuff I don’t need. I’ve also become aware of the items that collect more dust when unused. These are the details I could have optimized if I had cleaned my home more often.

clothing rack trash and chores

It’s very fashionable to connect to the earth through gardening, so shouldn’t it be fashionable to clean one’s own home?

There’s a comfort that money cannot buy.



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