Collect Them All

— Getting conned into mediocre pursuits

Chinesisches Haus: 18th century Chinoiserie, aka Disneyworld for adults

A picture may be more than a thousand words, but nowadays, experiencing a moment without a camera has become millions of words.

I revisited a few 'castles' in Potsdam last week. They're called 'schloss' which directly translates to 'castle'. They're more like palaces.

I didn't take that many photos. There wasn't a need to as there was in the past. I've become less neurotic about collecting images from different places.

During the previous times I've traveled, I felt compelled to take photos. It was more like the experience of collecting stamps at the supermarket. For every hundred, you earn 'free' cookware. Another similar experience is collecting McDonald's Monopoly stamps. Every paper cup, hamburger and fries included two stamps that represented a property on the Monopoly game board. Collect a series of colors to win a prize.

It was a chore for little gain that a bit of 'spice' to everyday life. But the overall satisfaction wasn't much. Whether it was the supermarket or McDonald's, I felt I was always on the cusp of winning--which never happened.

That one stamp you needed never showed up or the extra dozen of stamps to redeem for a frying pan wouldn't be earned until after the offer expired.

I've collected many images, but I've never felt like I've won.




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