Chopping Tomatoes

— controlling chaos

I hate chopping tomatoes more than most things in this world. But when I cook tomatoes, I have to chop them. Slicing one tomato isn’t bad but it’ll leave enough liquid so that it’s difficult to cut any more. Chopping no longer involves just slicing but also maneuvering of cut pieces so that pooling of juice is controlled.

I try to keep the liquid on the cutting board but at some point, it spills onto the counter. When this happens, a river of juice flows fast from the board. Then the chopping advances to where it’s more about maneuvering the board. With each cut, I have to figure out a way to direct the juices so that they won’t pool towards the edge of the counter. I absolutely hate it when tomato juice streams down the counter to the floor.

It’s frustrating to control the mess while trying to chop. Getting the knife to slice into tomato skin is hard enough.

But I’ve come to realize, if I can manage to accept this mess, I can manage the mess of life.

Life has a tendency to spread beyond where I’d like things to go. I often hope to contain situations but things always move towards possibilities I’d never imagined.

‘Just let the juices flow.’

That’s what I’m trying to do every time I chop now. It’s so hard, I want to contain the chaos, but I’m starting to tell myself no.



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