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Whenever I get angry at someone for driving in the HOV lane when they’re not suppose to, I think ‘it’s so easy for me to take a photo and report them.’

‘Why hasn’t law enforcement moved into the gig economy?’

Everyone has a phone. For a small fee, 10 cents, I’m sure there’d be people who’d gladly patrol and report violations. People who collect bottles, heavy bottles, do it for ten cents a bottle and they have phones.

But then–it’s the world they describe under communism. There’s incentive to report on your neighbor for small violations.

It would not be good.

So I never report any violations. I feel wrong to take the side of the government over the people I live amongst. If no one’s getting hurt, why bother?

For some reason I’m under the influence: don’t be a rat! No one likes tattle tales!

I don’t know if it’s so good to feel that way.


Why would anyone risk the reputation of their company on their driving?

Logos are often printed on the sides of cars. All sides if the person’s going to do it. Driving incites passionate responses for the smallest transgressions.

“Too fast!” “Why are they going so slow?!” When a driver cuts you off, you think they deliberately planned to single you out.

The logo becomes intertwined with the emotional reactions.

“These guys must be really slow” “That company must be inconsiderate! I’d never hire them.”

So many conclusions are made about the people that drive these cars, why wouldn’t they think that the same is being done to their brand?



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