Butoh Beauty

— I've never seen anything like this

On the last virtual chat with mom...

"I don't want to see it again. They move like ghosts."

My mom expressed how unenthused she was to watch a Japanese dance. Butoh was something I'd never heard of until she told me yesterday.

My sister wants to take her to see a live performance. I told my mom she should tell my sister how freaked out she is by the dance. Perhaps she can get out of going.

But after watching a few videos of the dance, I encouraged my mom to see it. I was surprised to find the dance so beautiful. I don't like dances in general, but Butoh exemplifies a unique type of beauty. My mom is really into specific forms of beauty: flowers, pleasant looking things that most people like...I feel that if she embraces other forms, especially disturbing and distressful forms, she might find more beauty in her own life.

Whether that happens is up to her. My encouragement is just a way for me to enforce my values upon her. I also didn't think my sister had much to offer, but in this case, she really opened me up to a new form of art.



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