Bud Bars

— end of cocktail trolleys?

spirit bottles

Every time my husband and I have people over, we end up with a collection of buds from local dispensaries. They sit in a variety of packaging, from plastic baggies to decorative glass containers. I’m not as interested in getting high as I am in the culture of marijuana.

Will it partially replace alcohol consumption? Or will there be more hybrid enjoyment? Cocktail trolleys are often used in home decor to “enhance” the ambiance. A small table with glittering spirits, warm cognac and whiskies, an ice bucket… The idea that someone will come home and fix themselves a drink brings warmth to a space. While I’ve seen trolleys and trays featured in home decor shows and period tv dramas I’ve never been to a home that actually had such a cocktail bar.

I agree. It’s relaxing, a little tray full of spirits, a table with shades of warm whisky…I’m brought to a time when people fixed drinks Mad Men style. Crystal glasses also make me think of British period dramas, where there’s a post dinner discussion over whisky in a wood paneled library. Alcohol is so romantic.

But who is going to dust those bottles? Who would bring clean glasses over to replenish to bar?

We have alcohol in our home but it’s tucked away–there’s no need for it to be outside the kitchen. It sits across from the cupboards with glasses so anyone can help themselves without fear of spilling. But marijuana buds aren’t appropriate for the kitchen. What if the food smells effect the buds?

I’m sure others have the same issue, how does one make a collection of accessories and buds look more appealing?

I’m curious to see this new culture emerge. What will it look like to glamorously come home to a bud bar?

How will future home renovation shows introduce bud bars to enhance the ambiance of a home?




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