Take One

— I tried to fake it to make it.

Stepping out of my shells, trying out a new recipe

Something went wrong during my first attempt at making bread. Often, when I'm in doubt, I try fake it ’til, of course, I make it.

I tried to pretend what was happening to my dough wasn’t happening. In doing so, I ended up with a bigger mess. The dough was suppose to be springy, light with air and it was suppose to hold its shape. After hours, my dough refused to rise and it refused to take any shape other than a wet drippy blob.

I spent all week feeding the starter and all morning going through the many steps turning the dough every half hour. I thought everything was going so well… I even prepared a veggie tagine for the fresh bread I envisioned for dinner.

At least the tagine came out well.

Maybe it’s not hot enough? It’s pretty warm today, if anything it would have risen too much.

I didn’t know what to do, I went back one step and redid it, even if adding flour wasn’t recommended. Then I tried to use the oven as a proofing box, keeping the temperature inside high with a glass of hot water. Then I ran around the apartment trying to find the warmest corner. After all attempts, I gave up thinking the dough was going to improve.

At that point I decided to fake it. Move on to the next step and pretend the dough is in the state required to move to the next step.

So I ended up with a bigger mess. The dough was stretched and stuck like taffy on my kitchen towels. I felt wasteful throwing the rest of the dough out but then I finally remembered. Every time I’ve tried a new recipe and I reach a step that doesn’t seem right, it never is. Although easier, it's hard to start over.



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Sour Duh

How many steps does it take to make one simple loaf of bread?

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