Book and Soup

— Friday


I was heating up soup for lunch. Usually, I’d grab my phone, watch a youtube video, scroll through twitter, but today, I continued a book I’m halfway through.

It’s not as convenient as the phone. I was afraid of getting the pages dirty while stirring hot soup, but I did not get exasperated by anything. It’s been a cool 48 hours since I decided to block all internet chatter.

I’m sure there are plenty of others who have decided that stuff online (sensational stories, others’ lives) is not good for them.

Acquiring the ability to not look at stuff is huge–except it’s one of those accomplishments you can’t show off. There’s no prestige, just personal benefits. This is the kind of successes I’m trying to work more towards. (It’s hard in terms of motivation, no tangible recognition…why am I so centered on the type of success that leads to pats on the back over ones that improve my life?)

I watched the latest episode of the Romanoff’s and I was surprised how the theme was the opposite of the world I’ve cut out. The show was about taking a break from judging people harshly, especially if they are imperfect, like a person who constantly lies.

Some people need to tell others’ grand tales about themselves…it’s a lifestyle choice and they have the freedom to live that way. As listeners, we don’t necessarily have to believe. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions–a person can be very well meaning while at the same time have problems telling the truth.



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