Berlin Muffin Hustlers

— Life lessons from elementary schoolers

The scene of the hustle: one of the first warm days of the year, everyone was out--which meant there was a large market of potential muffin buyers.

I was at the park today when two girls came by and tried to sell me muffins. They were 6 to 8 years of age. About a few days ago, a few girls in my neighborhood tried to do the same.

Maybe they're selling for a school project? The muffins looked too perfect--there's no way these children baked them. The girls I met today came back to me unintentionally and tried selling me twice. Midway through they remembered they'd already tried and went away. While watching them I thought, why are they asking only new people? If they'd asked me a fifth time, I'd totally say yes. They deserve whatever they're asking for especially if they have the guts to ask again and again from someone who repeatedly said no.

Why do I give up after hearing one no? Whenever I ask for something, I might be getting a no simply because of timing. Asking again gives me another chance--there's always potential for a yes. The chances might even be higher when asking from the same person. Rapport starts building the second I encounter someone, particularly if it's to ask for something. Is it that frightening to be rejected? The many no's might be what's exactly necessary for a yes.



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