Beauty Sleep

— in the name of beauty

There are many ways to look better but I’ve never found anything as effective as sleep.

Perhaps the beauty industry isn’t about beauty. Makeup gives people a reason to play with colors and choose different shades. It’s fun to learn a technical skill, applying colors and shading, particularly if it results in looking good. There are people who go for cryotherapy. It seems more of an adventure than a spa treatment. And all those creams? They smell interesting, feel like there’s some magic working…there’s a lot that happens in beautification that doesn’t involve looking good.

I’ve been sleeping poorly so my skin started breaking out. After talking to my husband and getting out of my head, I was able to relax. Heart pounding, nighttime anxiety was keeping me awake, however, it finally wasn’t around last night.

My skin completely cleared up this morning.

It’s neat to see how beauty can get people pumped. ‘Make this concoction and it’ll make your hair look shinier.’ Making concoctions already sounds interesting but it seems even more interesting when beauty is involved.

If people were really interested in beauty, I’d assume they’d simply try to get more sleep.



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