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— Doing what I did decades ago

A year ago I started playing with video again. The last time I did anything with video was back in high school. Using two VCRs hooked to my computer, I digitally convert VHS tapes for editing in Premiere.

My computer crashed often, I had to restart many times. It was frustrating but it was the only way.

I hadn't touched the program in fifteen years. It was strange to get re-acquainted in an era where I didn't need eight hours to import a video.

Yesterday's vlog I talked about my dream apothecary

Recently, I started vlogging. On the 18th of last month, I posted a video not really planning on anything in particular, but wanted to see where things would go. I did not expect to vlog day after day. Somehow, I made an entire months worth of videos. There were a couple days I missed, but I'm surprised how natural it felt. I never felt pressured to make another video and found myself excited to edit

This was all unplanned. I started seeing the similarities between how I write and how I construct a video. Perhaps it has something to do with how much I talk in the videos. But the progression of scenes, detail of information work the same. That's an exciting development. To see a skill that you've been working on take off in an unexpected direction.

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